King of Bees In Fantasy Land

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King Of Bees In Fantasy Land is a short, yet interesting piece of Hypertext fiction.  In it The reader controls the decisions of the Space Knight, who has the goal of eliminating the Bee King on the planet of Garaxas so that humans, who are fleeing a dying earth, can settle onto and colonize the planet.

What is interesting here is that at almost every opportunity when the player interacts with a bee, the bee is friendly and non-threatening, yet the player has the option of killing the bees at almost every interaction. The bees are often very helpful to the player, offering various hints and advice for the making the way to the King Bee.  When the player takes the opportunity to attack a bee, they immediately destroy it with out a fight being out up. It really plays off the violence trope that seems to dominate games, particularly the action/adventure genres. By giving the enemy that the player has been told is “evil” and “dangerous” personalities that make them very kind and non-threatening, we can see how ridiculous the trope is, as it takes for granted that every foreign thing that one would encounter in an adventure games would be hostile towards the player. This is especially true if the player has been told that said foreign creature is hostile.

The game is pretty funny at parts and shows the character's innate biases.

The game is pretty funny at parts and shows the character’s innate biases.

This theme stays all the way to the end of the game and though there are at least a couple endings, there is no “correct” ending. Or it could be said that they are actually both “correct,” as the endings are presented as if they were always the preferred ending. It is interesting because this game gives the player the opportunity to question the given knowledge, and there is no punishment or reward for doing so. It just gives the option, and that is all.


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