Duck Ted Bundy: Craigslist vs. Ducklist

Say what you want but if you have ever been bored, desperately horny, or a little curious, then you have indeed ventured to the relationship posts on Craigslist.  Maybe you didn’t “partake in all the fun”, but even if you only read some of the obscure post then you have witnessed some of the nitty gritty.

Coleoptera-Kinbote’s Duck Ted Bundy parallels the “dark side” of Craigslist.  Duck Ted Bundy parodies craigslist in the most creepy and hilarious way.  The narrator insinuates that you are a man attempting to disguise himself as a duck, yes a duck.  You learn the language and attempt to make friends with a variety of ducks.  There is one caveat.  You have an uncontrollable urge to KILL KILL KILL!  As you meet new and interesting ducks in the pond community you are given the option to be a good samaritan “bro” and you are also given the option to kill your new ducky friends.  The game is not meant to be challenging, in fact there are no repercussions for your killing spree.  There is even a map in the sidebar so you can check off all the locations you have killed at.

photo 3 (1) photo 1 (1)

For the most part the ducks welcome you into their homes.  The pond is like Craigslist in that it is a community of a variety of individuals.  Like the people that go to craigslist to post for relationships the ducks are naively inviting to you, a stranger and imposter.  As you go through the twine there are pictures of the ducks.  Warning: some pictures are a little more “riskay” than others but it wouldn’t be duck craigslist if they weren’t.

                                                                    photo 2 (1)

I recommend interacting with this twine.  It shows significant portrayals of vulnerability, desperation for connection, as well as the mask some of us put on to prevent ourselves from exposing the real us.  All though this twine shows social media as a free for all anything goes place, I do think that the anonymity one has in communities like Craigslist is slowly phasing out.  There are more regulations and instances where one has to prove to the community that they are who they say they are like on Facebook or LinkedIn.  But there are still risk and loopholes to that red tape.  Therefore the culture of craigslist still remains, at least for now.  So I leave you with these wise words from Sir Gump,”Craigslist is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get”.


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