Have you ever tried reading a novel in reverse or maybe tell a story and start from the end rather than the beginning? Sounds like a pretty crazy idea, but it kinda works with this IF by Andy Campbell. Capped is a short interactive fiction that starts/ends with showing the reader a note from someone the main character knows. After a few clicks, you find out that a possible alien invasion by Tripods is occurring. But, don’t be too hasty with clicking in this IF. The story is put together by searching and hovering your mouse over certain spots on each picture to reveal lines of text. dreaming_methods_capped

As you go deeper into the story, you find yourself hiding in a shack from the aliens and at one point watch your former home be destroyed by them. As I mentioned before, this story seems to be told in reverse and it makes sense. If you think about it in the other direction, you get a story about someone who lost their home to an alien attack and is now trying to outrun and hide from the aliens, but is eventually caught in the end. Both ways of telling this story is pretty interesting, so now the question is: Is Capped best told starting from end(being caught by the aliens) or from the beginning(watching your house be destroyed by the oncoming invasion)?

After going through this work multiple times, letting the story of this IF be told in reverse seems to be the best way for it, but you can also argue the latter. To me, it feels like the portion after the aliens catch you is meant to be like a flash back or part of your life flashing before your eyes type of moment.  Another reason is that I felt more emotion from end to beginning rather than thinking about if from beginning to end. Maybe it was due to it being less cliche than the other way around.

I find it a little hard to express my feelings well for this IF. So,what do you guys think? I would like to see your thoughts on this IF. How do you think it should have been told? Did you like the reverse story concept or no?

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