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Bongcheon-Dong Ghost is a Korean web comic, written and illustrated by Horang, that was shared during discussion from another student taking a different english class at UMW. It doesn’t remind me of many other pieces of electronic literature that we’ve looked at for this class, but I thought it would be interesting to share and would invite discussion.
The first problem is that I cannot thoroughly describe Bongcheon-Dong Ghost without spoiling and giving away hints, so that leaves me rather limited in my analysis of the tactics used to induce such unique reactions. I will say that it is not for the weak of heart. The sentences are succinct and sweet without confusion or complexity, and the overall brevity of the work is a sigh of relief, especially compared to the seemingly endless pieces of interactive fiction we have encountered thus far. Give it a quick read, and see for yourself.
Because the original text was written in Korean, and has later been translated into English, some of the conversions do not necessarily obey standard grammatical rules. Although this variation in sentence structure slowed me down a little bit while reading, it was not enough to inhibit comprehension of the piece, and so I did not consider it an obstacle.
I’m also impressed with the pace that the comic was able to hold onto, because the single-frame format could have either dragged out too much or skipped vital parts of the plot, to be left up in the air for assumptions to take responsibility for. The pace of the story seemed steady and helped to keep the reader engaged and on high alert with the text, the visuals, and the fantastic sound effects to go with it.

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