Blasting off

Before I start discussing the short story that this entry is about, I want to ask you a question. Have you ever thought about doing something that is more than likely impossible to do, but you still get away with it? For instance, stealing a rocket seems impossible to do, however with a well thought out plan your chances of stealing a rocket could rise. I bring up a question like that because in this story a group of friends do that exactly. Digital Witnesses by Andrea Corbin is a story about you. You are running and you are being watched by “everyone”. You won’t find out who “everyone” is until you figured out why you are running.


Screenshot of the first passage

From experience, it is best if you do not figure out why you are running right away. The reason being is that you could potentially miss a lot of your story and another important character’s story if you try to speed through and manage not to get trapped in one of the loops.  The loops in this short story are rather important since they tell you what your childhood was like, what job you currently have, and what kind of family raised you. Without any of that information you would not understand why you are running or have a reason to run let alone steal a rocket. Trust me looping in the story is not frustrating since you are constantly learning something new about yourself with every passage.

To not spoil the full experience of the story I want to discuss it’s creation. Andrea Corbin managed to create this story in under 24 hours for a challenge on Being able to create such a story within that time period and with a set number of passages seems rather difficult to accomplish. Yet, she was able create such an interesting short story for anyone to read and play with, but for some reason this short story doesn’t feel like one. Maybe the way she detailed your background and actions in the story made it feel longer or maybe it felt longer just because of the loops and how long you could forge your pathway to the end of the story. What do you think?

Feel free to try out this rather interesting Twine story and state you opinions and feelings about it. In case you missed it there is a link in the first paragraph. Until next time.

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