The website before you is a collaborative blog that will be filled over the next few months with posts by students in ENGL 376VV: Electronic Literature, an upper level lit course in the Department of English, Linguistics and Communication at the University of Mary Washington. These blog entries will offer commentary and analysis on works of elit, and the discussion will continue in the comment thread. It’s our goal on this blog to build a community of scholarly interest around a contemporary literature genre, and by doing so, sharpen our skills as critics as we help grow the audience for this nascent form of literature. You can receive updates on new blog posts by following our Twitter account, or sign up for our RSS feed.

Students, if you haven’t already, you need to add yourself to this blog. To do this, log in to your UMWBlogs.org account, and then click the “Add me!” button in the bottom right corner of this page. Your information about assignments, policies, grades, etc. is all available in our Canvas site.

Everyone else, we’re glad you’re here! We welcome your comments; please be mindful of our goal of a positive community.

A final note: this blog site is the same one used back in Spring 2012, so you may find old content as you explore. If you do, bear in mind that the author of a two year old blog entry likely isn’t likely to respond to your question. If you find outdated information, though, please let me know.

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