Twine-Based Final Project

For my creative project, I replicated my apartment in inform 7 and made an adventure game involving keys and locked doors.  I felt like the basic commands that inform understood were too limited.  Although I am happy about the way my creative project turned out, I didn’t like having to work within the confines of inform’s understood phrases.

So, for my final project I decided to use Twine to take the reader on a more extensive journey.  I don’t want the readers of my final project to feel like they are just clicking a series of links to get to the end of the story.  Instead, I want the reader to be actively engaged in the story and I want them to feel like the words they chose to click on actually make a difference in the outcome of the story.

We didn’t look at many works that use Twine in class but I would like my game to feel kind of like the work of interactive fiction “Everybody Dies.” I liked how the game was in third person and you were directing a character around rather than pretending that the reader is the character in the game.

By having the game in third person, this adds another element into the game: the interaction between the player and the character.  This way, it will almost feel like a team effort to guide the character through the story.  In a first or second person game, the reader is the player and you lose this exchange.  I really liked in “Everybody Dies” when the character you were guiding would say something directly to you.  I think that  the other points of view attempt to be more realistic.  But when the character, in a third person game, speaks to the player it becomes more realistic.

As far as theme, I’d like the character in the game to come across multiple examples of works of interactive fiction that we’ve discussed in class.  The themes of those games will reflect the current theme of my game depending on the route the character has travelled.  Also, I would like there to be a scenario where the game ends in the player realizing he’s in a game and the virtual world he lives in sort of collapses in on himself.


This is my first time working with Twine so I am welcome to any tips that past users may have for me!

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