Inform 7 Interactive fiction final project

For my final project I would like to start a new interactive fiction through Inform 7. I initially wanted to continue the interactive fiction I made for the creative project earlier in the semester, but now I realize that that is a terrible idea. My original game was cliched, poorly written, and many of the features were only there because I figured out how to program them into the came as I went along. Many of them were there just because I wanted more things, not because they served any purpose in the story I was trying to tell.

I want to be able to take what I learned working on the creative project and use it to create something that is actually fun to play. I like the super villain idea that I came up with and I  think that I can do some really cool things with it now that I have some semblance of on idea about what I am doing. I already found several features that would be great in a super villain story, such as character interaction, teleportation, and secret doors.

These are some of the things I want my game to feature:

  • A medium sized world to explore
  • Easy transportation to different locations once they have been discovered.
  • A simple combat system
  • Fun characters
  • Highly detailed game environment.
  • A game setup that requires both exploration and an eye for detail

I know how to implement everything except the combat system, and that I can learn how to do.

I honestly think the biggest challenge for this project will be making a world that requires exploration and attention to detail with out becoming tedious and boring. I want  players to have to examine everything looking for the way out, but I do not want to bog them and bore them with huge walls of text. The other challenge will be implementing characters in a way that does not fell forced or tacked on. I want them to be interesting and fun to interact with. I want them to be able to hold simple conversations with the player and make a significant impact upon the game experience

In the end, what is important to me is that this interactive fiction is fun to play through. If it is not fun then I has not achieved its purpose as a game. With that being said, I need to get to work on writing this thing and resurrecting my sense of humor .

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