Experimenting with Visual Basic

For my final project I’d really like to explore the realm of poetry through an electronic or digital medium. In class we were exposed to a few of these pieces. While Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries certainly create art, I’m not sure their kinetic from would be suited to my style of writing. On the other side of these things we read some hypertext poetry written in something like Twine. While I found this format to be less intense, it doesn’t quite utilize perhaps all of the advantages an electronic medium can offer. In other words, the form was somewhat confining and limited.

Unfortunately I know next to nothing about coding, but I want to try using a program called Visual Basic to create more of a unique poetic experience. This would be innovative since we’ve had no experience with the program, and really no in-depth coding either. Yet it also would build off of many of the many foundations we learned about electronic literature. The program is supposed to be simple to learn (hence the name Basic) so I should be able to complete my project in a timely manner, while exploring something new and creating a longer more complete creative project.

I’m thinking right now about writing a series of three different works that explore different themes but at the same time feel cohesive and somewhat sequential. The idea is that each flow with the other so that it feels less like three different poems but rather parts of a larger work. I’m hoping that this won’t be too complex and that I can get it all done without getting in over my head.

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