Creative Project:Take Two

For my Final Project, I decided that I wanted to re-vamp my initial creative project from earlier in the semester that I deemed “Simple Reality.” Using Twine, I created a hypertext version of a short story based on a free write. I had planned for this story to have choose your own adventure attributes, and while there were a few – the overall theme wasn’t quite there. Still, I was extremely impressed that I managed to create something that actually worked. For my final project, I am taking another shot at the choose your own adventure hypertext, again using Twine.

This time I am working to create something much more interactive and intriguing for the viewer. I decided this would be best implemented with the inclusion of various choices, paths, and outcomes. So far, this project is still turning out to be realistic/reality based. I’ve chosen to forgo the route of the magical or imaginary so far. While fantasy games can be interesting, I like the idea of creating story paths and situations that are really possible, many of which people may have already experienced themselves or have seen happen to other people.

I have decided to avoid the popular ideas of fantasy creatures, castles, aliens, or magic in this project. I want this hypertext to be a “day in the life”¬†scenario, except I want it to have more adventure and surprise, something that may have been missing in my first project, I think. I am still working to decide what the various outcomes will be when the project is said and done – I have come up with and then again changed several options, but in the end I hope to have at least three possible outcomes to this “adventure” that I am satisfied with. Of course, there will also be a few different paths that can be taken through various link choices leading in those different outcome directions. While this may not seem like the most innovative idea for a creation, I am excited for the chance to work with these ideas and I hope my final project is something that others of you will play with and enjoy or find interesting.

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