CMDC Student Research Gallery

After seeing the flier for the MLA electronic literature exhibit, I went to the website to check out work  from previous shows.  They have a large collection that covers a variety of electronic literature genres.  I chose an interactive fiction piece called One.  The basic idea of the game is that your neighbor is playing loud music late at night and you go to the house to confront them.  The game begins with you on your neighbor’s porch knocking.  However, there is never an answer.  This game has a very ominous feeling to it as you enter their house and begin to look around.  The first thing I noticed is that there is no loud music present but only a stereo playing soft music.  The more I looked around the more creepy the game began to feel.  Your nieghbor is laying on the floor in front of the couch but you cannot wake them as it would be rude.

This game reminded me a lot of The Path that we recently played.  It’s strange nature and my inability to do what I wanted only bring up more questions that are never answered.  It’s not exactly the same as I was able to explore the house but I was still limited in what I could see.  No matter what I did I was unable to wake my neighbor as I explored his house.  The more I explored the more interested I became in trying to wake my neighbor to have him answer my questions.  There are several odd voicemails on his answering machine, as well as a bloody razor in the bathroom, and trash everywhere.  Perhaps I just did not figure out the right phrase to awaken my neighbor but all of my questions went unanswered.  I am still oddly drawn to this game as I really want the neighbor to wake up and answer my questions.  This was only one of many games found on the CMDC website but there are dozens of others to try.  And they are all student made games from classes like our own!

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