Political Mashups

In my Visual Rhetoric course, we talked earlier in the semester about political mashups and how they are used to twist the candidate’s words around, either just for fun with no meaning behind them,(like the Obama video with him singing “Never Gonna Give You Up”), or to be satirical like the video below with Mitt Romney singing “The Real Mitt Romney” (A parody of “The Real Slim Shady” by Eminem). Satirical mashups not only twist around the candidate’s words out of context, but it does so in a manner that exploits their flaws. For example, people have said that Mitt Romney is one to be inconsistent with his words; therefore the video below over exaggerates this detail.

Political mashups have been around for decades, they just havent been as commercialized. Since nowadays it is easy for anyone to get their hands on movie editing software and make their own videos, videos like these are becoming much more abundant and are much easier to share rather than the past mashups that could only be shown on Tv. This new form of media can aid in swaying people’s opinions because they are not only hearing a certain situation from the more official mass media that usually only covers one side of an issue, but they are also hearing the public’s opinions. Believe it or not, what our peers are thinking can really influence our judgments. I think new media, such as online communication across long distances, is a very important in the study of elit. It is in this way that elit is constantly changing because our views and beliefs can be much easily shared.


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