Hypertext, also.

For this blog post again I was just searching the internet, trying to find a work that caught my eye. A google search for, you’d never guess – hypertext poem – turned up an interesting blog that explains a different definition of hypertext.

In class, we had always looked at hypertext as a work broken into pages that were linked together by hyperlinked words within each page of the work. The reader then clicks the links to move from page to page and read the entire work. And that was what I assumed was the only form of hypertext. In a blog from a website Cyberenglish though, the poster Ted Nellen defines hypertext as “poetry that has had hyperlinks embedded into it [to other sites]..they add hyperlinks to the poem to help explain their interpretation of the poem”. Nellen describes this hypertext poems that are written just as a poem on paper, or what he calls a “concrete poem”, but the author then embeds links to pages that are relevant to that part of the poem. The pages include information about allusions the poem may make that the reader must understand in order to understand the poem. Or perhaps other works that have similar meanings, or simply photos of what the poem is referring to. Basically, the links are to any page that would enhance the reader’s enjoyment  or comprehension of the work.

I find this concept of hypertext to be very interesting in the use of it to create more depth to the work and the meaning behind it. There have been several works we looked at in class that had there been links such as these, the work would have made much more sense to me because I was not sure what the author was referring to. In these cases, if I had only had a link to a page defining the word I didn’t recognize or the person alluded to that I’d never heard of, I probably could have appreciated the meaning of the work much more.

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