Deeper than your average comic


I really enjoyed the flash driven “Brainstrips” by Alan Bigelow because of it’s simplicity and the satirical humor it presents in a comic book format. I have never been a huge fan of comics but I think Bigelow does a great job using the familiar panel interface to answer some of life’s greatest questions.  The answers to the questions of course are not straightforward and are presented in a medium where “logic and pedantry have no play”. The playability came very naturally to this game, was just like flipping through a ’50s comic book except for the reoccurring use of sound which I thought was very effective in putting the user in the scene of the action and at other times was just amusing.

The Science for Idiots section was particularly entertaining for me. Anybody who is flat out ignorant to the world of science should click through this game and learn some facts that will get you some attention at a bar. Have you ever wondered about the logistics of actually digging a hole all the way to China? Then you should definitely check it out.

Science for Idiots delved into some of the politics of scientific advancements. It turns out that keeping chimpanzees in cages the same size of cubicles results in some very familiar side effects. Making a very unusual case for the evolution theory…the attention span difference in young chimps and kids isn’t that far off either.

I think comic book style was an interesting choice to present the serious subjects because it would often make the content seem either very serious or very trivial. The answer is either profound or it is joke. I thought that the particular science factoid about nuclear bombs amusing because of the graphics….and then very intense.  Right off the bat I thought this seemed pretty neat…


Question: Would I survive a nuclear bomb in a big city?


….and then extremely terrifying..







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