Interactive Fiction: The Art of Video Game Storytelling



This video fits perfectly into what we have been studying this semester. There are many familiar games that we have discussed in class or seen on the blog, as well as some games that I haven’t personally heard of. Interactive fiction games popularity has gone up and down several times. They first became popular in the early 1990’s, and by the end of the decade populalirty went down. Interactive fiction and storytelling in itself has become popular again. The script is just as, if not more important, than the visuals of the game itself.

Now games focusing on war and battles are very popular, but they have added in the interactive fiction aspect. Uncharted 2 as well as Fallout 3 have become very popular, not only because of the violence that some many players love, but because there is a story to follow along with.

Interactive fiction writers also face a great many challenges, it’s as if they are writing a screenplay. Their dialogue must be convincing and well as interesting while carrying the story. They describe the rule of the game as “don’t tell, play.” The story must be written in a certain way to allow players free agency, as well as have different story arcs for each of their decisions.

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