Final Project: CCA Extension

For my final project, I hope to continue work on Colossal Campus Adventure. Aside from extending the story and mechanics further (e.g. new rooms, new inventory system, added syntax, etc) I intend to blend the current platform with features from other Electronic Literature genres. More specifically, I’d like to add hypertext and hyperlinks to support the game structure. The idea here is to allow players to interact with the world via either the command-line parser or through hyperlinked objects which have a default action when clicked or, upon being right clicked, produce a list of other available actions which can be performed.

A key issue with many Interactive Fiction platforms today is building a robust base of acceptable commands / syntax. And even with a perfect platform, some trial and error will still occur as the user attempts to progress through the story. Adding objects to the command prompt as hyperlinks will allow the user to (if he or she so choses) progress through the story by clicking on notable objects listed in the text area of the console. By right clicking these links, a drop-down of some available commands will appear which will be sent to the parser if selected. It should be noted that not all options will be listed. Within the source code for the game, an option to set a command as visible or invisible will allow you to have hidden commands – ensuring your IF maintains its explorative nature.

The question will ultimately be how much content can I add while still providing the above mentioned mechanics. The complexity of making objects hypertext-able (yes… hypertext-able) is fairly complex. It will require a standard syntax structure that the parser can easily recognize. Furthermore, it will require me to make the original source code a little bit more elegant. Either way, if I can accomplish this? Well, it’d be pretty sweet.

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