Life Lesson’s Learned Within Minutes

When first playing the game Gravitation, it did not occur to me that there could have been any resemblances to real life. After the second time playing it however, I began getting curious about different aspects of the game. Many parts of the game do not make complete sense unless there were to be an explanation or a reason for them. Following my third attempt at playing Gravitation, I stopped and pondered about the different facets of the game and came to realize that there were three different life lessons tucked away in the game that stood out to me.

The first life lesson that I came to realize was in the game was what happened when you knocked the blue stars off of the ledges. When this happened, they became ice blocks at the bottom of the screen. If you then spend too much time getting the stars, and not moving the blocks away from your child at the bottom, you can eventually block yourself off from being able to interact with your child. This is a lesson in itself because if you spend too much time doing things that only help yourself, you will eventually loose touch with the people surrounding you who mean a lot to you. This shows that balancing your time is very important.

Another life lesson that I stumbled upon while playing Gravitation is the more available you make yourself to people you want to be around, the more they will want to be around you. I came across this idea because once you got close enough to your child, she would throw you the ball. Even though she was always looking at you, she would never go out of her way to interact with you unless you make yourself available. This concept goes to prove that if you don’t make yourself available to your family and friends, it becomes hard for them to maintain a relationship with you.

The final life lesson that I encountered when playing Gravitation is that even though it is good to make plans, you must follow through with them if you want anything to be accomplished. I saw this displayed in the game when I was playing and decided that it would be a good idea to knock down all of the stars possible, and then go cash them in for points at the end. However, when I went to do this, all of the ice boxes had lost the points they were worth earlier in the game. This went to prove that even though I planned ahead, I didn’t act on my plan quick enough; so I failed.

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