Games changing controllers…or controllers changing games?

The interaction between games and the players has changed drastically since the Atari and the beginning of the gaming revolution. Can you remember the joy stick? Developers in the industry are racing to bridge the connection from the gamer to the virtual world. There have been plenty of missteps along the way (how many hands do you need to play a 64 game?) but the progress towards intuitive fluid game play never ceases to amaze me.



The average age of gamers has increased over time. One of the main reasons for this is simply games are no longer excluded to button mashing gurus. Families are now dancing arround the tv and now anyone can swing a golf club like they are tiger woods. Game playing now comes so naturally it has not only changed the demographic of gamers, but also created whole new genres and depths to preexisting games.


One of the crowning achievements of this competition is the touch screen. Although it was invented way in back in 1965, the touch screen has been the medium through which many gamers now play their games. After Angry Birds had set monumental records, gaming apps for the phones have been pouring out of the flood gates. These games are some what nostalgic to traditional gamers because of their simplicity, and for the same reason are loved by many who are new to virtual world. I feel touch screen games do have some draw backs though: the game depth is often shallow and the death defying jump or the finishing blow to an opponent is not nearly as satisfying with out the physical “click”.

The next natural progression for games is to move to pc tablets. The tablets have started taking over the TV and now they have their eyes on video game consoles. They have processing power and they have the graphics cards, it wont be soon before Apple is unleashing their newest iGame. I believe if not completely taking over the gaming console, they will integrate the ipad with the tv. Making a tablet as a gaming control has huge potential and would open the door for many game developers and gamers who can have their remote control actually configured to their own unique preference.

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  1. ebrennan
    April 8, 2012 at 11:34 pm

    Love this. My all time favorite controller will always be 1996 N64, maybe because I spent whole summers with it in my right hand, or maybe because N64 is the best system, or maybe because it actually was the most functional, I’m not sure. The caption made me lol because my dad did not think it was a practical controller at all. But really, the mini joy stick opened up so many ways to interact with the system and each game had its preferences with how to manage the different functions of the controller. Just think Tony Hawke vs Zelda vs Perfect Dark vs Super Mario 64.

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