Taco Fiction

I played this year’s IF comp winner called Taco Fiction.  The title of the IF is what drew me to it.  I figured it would take place in a Taco Bell or be about food somehow.  Instead, the game starts with you sitting in your car with a gun.  You are preparing to rob a store of some type so that you can pay your rent.  Instead of earning points through the game, you earn money. The amount of money is tallied and marks your success.  I initially found the game enjoyable but found the lack of mobility frustrating.  I got stuck in a loop of watching a movie in the safe and was unable to go further even when I used a walk through.  Until that point I had been able to move about freely and interact with my surroundings.

This IF had a more realistic setting.  It took place in modern times and in a common location.  A majority of the IFs I’ve read have been works of fantasy or feature journeys of some type.  Taco Fiction takes place in an urban setting and is about your quest to get money to pay rent.  I found that this made it more and less enjoyable at the same time.  There was more detail offered about the setting and it was easier for me to visualize where I was and what I was doing.  However, I missed the fantasy story as this could have been a scene from someone’s everyday life.  I found it interesting that the main action of the IF takes place in a Mexican restaurant.  I’m not sure if there is any significance there or if the author chose it because of its commonality.

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