LostPig and Grunk

I became interested in the interactive fictions we had been playing (such as Shade) and wanted to research more possibly games to play. Specifically I wanted to blog about one, rather than a digital poem or electronic literature story, which I have mainly done in the past.

I came across LostPig after searching for interactive fiction games in Google. My introduction was this:

“Pig lost! Boss say that it Grunk fault. Say Grunk forget about closing gate. Maybe boss right. Grunk not remember forgetting, but maybe Grunk just forget. Boss say Grunk go find pig, bring it back. Him say, if Grunk not bring back pig, not bring back Grunk either. Grunk like working at pig farm, so now Grunk need find pig.”

Not only did I laugh at the name “Grunk” I felt funny reading these short, choppy sentences. I felt in character and that I became Grunk, the man looking for the pig. His speech reads like he is a caveman. I imagined him with a big stick in hand and wearing a loincloth.

I tried going north, south, east and west and couldn’t make a move anywhere. I typed help in search for help. I was led to hints.

After making way through a part of the forest and bushes, Grunk fell down a hole where the pig in fact was. I appreciated that “sub notes” provided in brackets that offered me advice on what to do next. For example, after the pig had Grunk running in circles after him, I typed:



After trying to communicate with the pig, I realized that the more I paid less attention to it and searched other things, the more the pig interacted with me or the story. This game made me laugh and was on the less serious side like we’ve been playing. You can’t die in this game and its comical and light.

The author of LostPig, “Admiral Jota” was the winner of the “IF Comp.” It has been rated and reviewed by many computer world “celebs” such as, Emily Short, Jay is Games and The Onion. Admiral Jota is a software developer who seems to like to use his/her pseudonym name over their real name. I searched for Admiral Jotas bio page and found myself laughing yet again, just like I did at LostPig. Admiral Jota claims that they are a dieter- so they wrote recipes for custard and muffins with lower fat count. I’ll definitely have to try them out!

If I were to change anything about LostPig I think that it’d be cool if pictures were able to insert themselves in some way or that a map could show up on the lower right or left hand corners. Also, music would be fun to insert although I don’t know if that is possible for IF games. I enjoyed this game, and although I’m not an expert at solving and playing them this one seemed to provide the most entertainment to me.

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