Play Along with Cookie Monster

When trying to think of an idea for this weeks blog post, I was intrigued when I saw the post done earlier about interactive youtube videos. When googling this new concept, one of the most popular objects to come up was a video produced by Sesame Street, starring Cookie Monster. The video is titled “Sink or Swim”, and viewers are given varieties of choices to proceed to the next video.


The video begins with Cookie Monster showing four different objects, a rubber ducky, a rubber band ball, a lemon and lime. Depending on which item the viewer chooses, they then choose if they think the object will sink or swim. Depending on which option they choose, they are directed to another video showing if their hypothesis is correct.


This new brand of videos offers unlimited possibilities regarding new ways of teaching children. The Sesame Street we grew up with is changing, no longer do children simply have to yell out their answer to the tv, they can actually interact with their favorite characters. While something like this only exists online for the time being, it would be interesting to see television become interactive as well.


Interactive viewing could eventually be used in marketing and ads, with viewers selecting if they are interested in a commercial they could be transported to purchase or learn more about the product immediately. Commercials could become tailored to the individual viewer. A young bachelor would rather see beer commercials than household cleaners, and through interactive viewing, this could happen in the future.

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