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Psh! Why just watch Youtube videos when you could PLAY them? Rather than just staring at the computer screen, new kinds of videos called Interactive Videos encourage users to interact with the video by clicking on the embedded annotations. This fad started around 2008 when annotations were first created, originally used for commentary purposes. Videos like these are like the modern day “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories because they let the user determine how the story is played. The videos work by presenting the user with different choices, and whatever choice the user clicks, the video skips to that specific time segment or it jumps to a different video altogether. The videos visited are based on what paths the user follows.

This interactive game called “Luigi’s Mansion Interactive” contains over 20 videos. The user must help Luigi save Princess Daisy from the evil clutches of Waluigi in the haunted mansion. Over half of the videos in the whole story are complete nonsense that is meant to stall time (oh god…there’s one that is over an hour long). The others are videos that make you lose the game and start from the last point. Also with this game, the user is given a mini assignment along with the original quest, and that is to find all of the mushrooms in every video. The ones who find all the mushrooms win a free t-shirt from the producers. (I won a t-shirt from them!)


  2 comments for “Youtube Interactive Videos

  1. rschlimb
    March 26, 2012 at 10:53 am

    I have come across these types of you tube interactive games before. I have spent many hours wasting my time playing these and I’m not sure they are all that much fun. They get a little repetitive after awhile though I am impressed that you were able to find all the mushrooms and get a free t-shirt because I am sure they made that as difficult as it possibly could be. I personally did not play this one though I have played ones like it, it just seems to be another mindless way to waste a few hours on you tube. I think I would much rather read a book and use you tube for music, but I guess I’m old fashioned.

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