Anchorhead- A Plethora of Scooby-Doo Scares

As an English major, one may have the opportunity to read cheesy gothic novels such as Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey, or Ann Radcliffe’s Romance of the Forest. During the time when these Novels were written, these gothic scares were equal to todays horror movies. Today’s society may read the books as humorous “scooby-doo” like spooks and gags and most tend not to suffer from nightmares, but in their day they had the same effect that Anchorhead has on the interactive fiction world now. Anchorhead follows more of the Lovecraftian literature such as The Dunwhich Horror or The Festival.

Interactive games have a way of drawing you into a world almost dream-like. The user controls every detail from telling the character to dress and even undress to bathe, etc. This characteristic of interactive fiction gives the user a connection to the character, almost like the user is the concscience. Even though you can see things that are about to happen and have an awareness that the character in the game possibly could not have, Anchorhead has away of causing the user to bite their nails and feel a little anxious over what will happen next. No matter what the user wants the character to do, the parsar sets the limitations and the scares.

The game requires to the user to do creepy things like sweep down spider webs and take skulls from coffins. The user has the name William to work with and other simple clues. The game does require the user to examine everything before the character can move on, but the game runs smoothly and produces a realness that has the users heart racing a little.

Anchorhead can be complicated at times such as playing the flute. The user relies on which holes cause vibrations and what combinations open the portal, users need to look for clues to determine which door to knock on, and what to do with the different mirrors, etc. Anchorhead tends to be a bit more challenging than games that the class have experienced, but if students are looking for a well written novel, that can give the user real live “Scooby-Doo boo’s”, I highly recommend playing Anchorhead. This is a game you can win…”for now.”


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