Apocalypse Now: Chapter 1

I hope to flesh out what I have here and create chapter 2 for the final, but I’m (albeit all of the frustrations) pretty happy with what I ended up with.

From reading and experimenting with many other Inform7 projects created this semester, I share sentiments with nearly everyone. It is incredibly difficult to get things to work exactly the way you want them to. While Inform DOES use a computer language “based on natural language,” it is, like any other computer language, extremely finicky over having syntax EXACTLY right.

I mention a couple of instances where wording matters in my previous/most recent blog covering how-to’s on a few things in Inform.

For my project I created the first chapter of a game I’m entitling “Apocalypse Now.” The premise, to put it plainly, take you, the player character through a mostly normal day, and have you experience the “apocalypse.” I used quite a few current pop culture and current event type references.

I ran into quite a few issues and had to make more compromises than I would have liked. Instead of creating the ability to have conversations with the characters I had to stick with straight say commands.

Instead of setting a timer on finding the answer to surviving the “apocalypse” I again, had to use say commands and could not even figure out how to get a message to show up every turn after X event happened, nor could I set a time limit before death.

I hope to fix these (my two biggest complaints) and several others when I go back and make edits for the final project.

My face when I tried to figure out how to do ANYTHING with the included Inform manual.

I did many good things with the project as well, though, including dark rooms, scenes, order of events, being fairly thorough with descriptions/not picking up things you shouldn’t, etc.

It was very helpful to have some classmates take a look at it and test things though…

My face whenever someone testing the game picked up something they weren't supposed to that I forgot to "instead" or "fix in place:" like a shower, a window... etc.

I’m open for any comments you all have on the game, as this is obviously a work in progress (though it is completely playable right now).

I’m also open to having “Inform” get togethers for/with anyone else interested in expanding upon their games and/or using Inform for their final projects!


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