Reagan Library

This was a really interesting piece. First of all, pictures accompany the text. The pictures are actually three dimensional, 360 degree views of mythical landscapes. You can move the image to view the entire landscape. This is done in html format so there are numerous links embedded with the text to take you on your journey. This is by all definitions a fantastical journey through imaginary lands often becoming very ambiguous. That is to say it is hard to follow a set path. Some links lead back to the beginning of the piece but the landscape can change, new objects can be added in the second time you come across the same image.

While playing the game I would quite often find myself back at the “Jade Pavillion” which was the starting image of the game. On this page there are notes about the game. Each time I came back the notes had changed and so had the links. This is similar to the game “Shade” because a certain amount of times you would come back to your plant and it would be a different plants. Until you started to reach the end of the game the plant would seem to continue to change. As I progressed further into the game, “Reagan Library” introduced aliens. The landscapes changed from mythical ancient greek and roman style to invaders from outer space. After about twenty links the story actually encourages you to keep going.

I played the game for half an hour on my first run through and ended up getting myself caught in a loop of links. I don’t know how I did it but I managed to find six pages all with one link that just kept connecting back to each other in the same order. Perhaps you will have more luck than I did on your first run through.

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