You have to start somewhere…

I was personally pretty satisfied with the final version of my Creative Project “Simple Reality“. Most of all, I was extremely impressed with the fact that I was able to successfully create a piece of “electronic literature” – a field of literature I still consider myself brand-new to, never having considered creating  my own since I didn’t really know what, exactly, it was. A huge win for me in this assignment was that I created something and it worked – though, admittedly, I did come across several errors in my process – which is to be expected when you are first getting started with something.

I was extremely overwhelmed about creating something – programs like Inform 7 seemed terrifying to try to figure out and I found myself extremely frustrated trying to word things correctly to use it. I couldn’t come up with an interesting enough idea to use something like Scratch, though I considered it because it seemed really fun and I enjoyed playing around with it. In the end I decided to make a work of hypertext fiction, Twine was the best fit for me and was relatively user-friendly for an e-lit newbie.

As can be easily concluded from the title of my project – the storyline is relatively simple. I wanted to create something relatable to someone. After a few ideas written and dismissed, the final project ended up being a little free-write story about coming home after an exhausting night stemming from busy life – something I’m sure many college students could relate to. It isn’t a fancy poem, or sme work with a cryptic message – just words. Reality.

I like what I did with the project- even if it was simple. I do wish that I had been able to come up with a way to make it more exciting because I’m afraid it may seem a bit bland in comparison to other e-lit. I’ve had a few ideas since it was turned in, and I’ve thought about how it could have been different and more interactive if I had gone in more of a choose-your-own-adventure direction with more different selections as you go and various possible endings. My project did have a few user-interaction choices, but they all led to the same ending.

I had also tried to figure out how to customize my work and make it more personal – by changing colors and things – but after several failed attempts and errors in that department, I decided the default look would have to work and that I should probably stop trying to convince myself that I knew what I was doing with all that.

Creating my own piece of e-lit was definitely a learning experience. It is certainly a way to show how much work goes in to these pieces, and how much work must have gone into the examples of well-known and respected works we have seen in class. I’m sure with a lot more time to practice and develop, my project could be pretty awesome too. For my first time and first e-lit creation, though, I’d have to say I’m satisfied. You have to start somewhere, practice makes perfect.

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