My attempt to be ‘creative’ ended up looking like something for a third grader..but third graders need E-lit too right??

So basically I could say my creative project came awful close to a complete failure. Of course I don’t know if Dr.Whalen agrees and if it was reflected in my grade, and of course I hope not, but it did not turn out anything like what I had imagined. Well it kinda turned out like I imagined but once I was done I started to think my idea was fairly elementary and silly. As a result of this fail, I am well aware of how much more difficult it is to make an original, creative work of electronic literature than I ever thought.

My intentions were to make a work that the way of going about reaching the final literary piece was creative on its own, probably more so than the work itself actually. After learning about the different platforms in class, I was most interested in working with Scratch. This may be because it was much more user friendly than other programs such like Inform 7,  or call me a little kid, but it just seemed more fun, with all the bright colors and fun sprites to chose from. Choosing the platform that seemed the simplest to operate was probably my first mistake, because the simpler to operate, the less complex the work would be.

My second mistake was probably not planning like Dr. Whalen had advised us to do. I didn’t procrastinate or anything so I coulda/shoulda/woulda planned but I just figured since it was supposed to be creative I would just start somewhere and go with it — bad idea. I just kinda went along adding cool features as I found them in the program, some pretty colors, cool ‘costumes’, yadda yadda. By the time I was finished I had a where the wild things are sprite and a bunch of polka dot sprites with some trees in the background. I didn’t even know where I was going with that and I doubt anyone else would be able to tell either (I felt bad for the people who had to peer review it and try not to tell me it was the dumbest thing they’d ever seen)

Though I didn’t actually lay out my idea on paper or anything to plan, I did kinda have a general idea to begin with of what I wanted. Mostly that was having a work pieced together by the user by typing letter keys which would reveal where in the work that letter was located and once all the letters were uncovered the user then was to unscramble the letters. All together I kind of had a video game mixed with good ole first grade English word scramblers. After doing all this and writing a children’s poem (I am not one of those deep emotional poem writing types, it’s just not in me, so I went for a more fun work) for the literary work to be unscrambled I wasn’t quite sure what I had. Like I said, a little bit of a couple differnt electronic literature genres. It may not have been one distinct form of e-lit but it was born digital so was e-lit. No, it wasn’t exactly a literary masterpiece but if I were an elementary teacher trying to teach children to spell or read it would be genius! And I had to just be happy with that because it was due and I didn’t have time to make anything else.

After having this idea I thought could be really cool that turned out to be pretty lame, I realized just how difficult it actually is to create a work worth anyone’s time. It has made me respect the works we have looked at in class much more because just because you created a literary work on a computer, making it electronic literature, doesn’t mean you have created a work worth any acknowledgement. Who was the inventor who failed a bunchof times before he got something right? Edison I think? I don’t know, but maybe that’ll be me! Yea..right. But I’ll sure as heck keep trying!


Here is the final product if you want to have a good laugh, prepare yourself…

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