A Matter of Choice

For this blog, I decided to try my hand at Twine since I focused all of my attention on Inform 7 for the creative project. I made a simple hypertext choose your own adventure,  A Matter of Choice. I thought using this program would be more difficult since I hadn’t used it since we learned it in class, but it was very easy to use. I still do not feel up to the challenge of beautifying my projects just yet, though, so I left it in the simple Sugarcane format. I did try the Jonah format first, but I’ve grown so used to the Sugarcane sidebar and dark color scheme that I had to change it. I enjoyed exploring all the different ways a person’s day can change, but next time I work with Twine I will try for more complexity. A lot of the Twine works out there are very impressively complex, especially the ones on the blog from the creative projects. Now that I know I can use the program successfully,  I look forward to doing more with it the next time.

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