Run from the Zombies

Here is my creative project,


I chose to create my project through inform 7, because after seeing other examples in class I felt it was the platform I could most easily navigate.  I needed to start out with a simple idea, people trapped in a house. But why were they trapped? I admit I fell into a bit of a cliche, that the would was being taken over by a zombie invasion. The idea of my game was basic, the couple was locked in their house, and in order to survive they must find the key to make a run for it.


When it came to actually writing the code for my game, I did have a lot of trouble initially. Inform didnt seem to like anything I was writing, and I was constantly getting the error message. However, once I began to understand how it wanted things written, things got easier. I started to have fun with creating objects, and the player getting to read the descriptions of them.


There are many things I would still change about my game. I wish I knew how to make it more complex, I still couldnt figure out how to get my characters to respond to the players by speaking. I also wish the key would have been a bit more difficult to find, rather than just by simply navigating the rooms.


Overall, for my first work of interactive fiction, I dont think I did too bad. I was excited just that the game worked, but if I ever use inform again I now feel more confident in being able to add in more details.

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