Poetry Poker Game

I’ve been playing the game Poetry Stud  which I found in one of the volumes of electronic literature on the blog.  This game is an interesting take on a poker game.  Instead of playing with a regular deck of cards, there are words on the cards.  It is run just like a poker game with each player betting, raising, or folding on their turn.  You are playing against the computer so you only get to see all of your cards.  Poetry Stud could be called poker for English majors.  However, you do not have to any writing ability to play the game.  As long as you can read the words and try to make pairs then you can play.

The words are randomly doled out so there is no order to what cards you get in your hand.  The cards are used to create strings of random poetry.  These lines are used to determine the winner of the game.  There are recurring words as you play several hands.  At first the words seem like they might be related but very quickly it is obvious that they are not connected.  At the end of the game you get to see all the cards that the remaining players had.

The author insists that players believe in the magic of words.  This seems evident as he has selected certain words to put in his decks of cards.  He has included an assortment of words such as have, color, light, dark, respond, balsam, and man.  These words could hold some important meaning to him as he chose these ones to be in his cards.  It also seems that part of the game is to enjoy the strings of words you create and to look at what the other players have.  This game is fun to play but rather offsetting if you are accustomed to playing regular poker.


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