Creative Project: Max’s Avenger

This is the interactive storyline I created for my project.

Max’s Avenger, as I titled it, is set in a future where humanity has moved to a new galaxy. Humans are spread across various planets that they share with other sentient races. The story focuses on a nameless character who comes to find that his friend has been murdered. In their world, the galaxy is basically run by a single government called the Galactic Coalition and the enforcers of the G.C. are the frost necromancers. These people have the ability to wield frost magic, channeled through the unholy powers of death and the underworld. The main character finds a pile of ashes which he believes to be the remains of his friend, Max, as Max’s belongings are scattered with the ashes. He believes the murderer to have been a frost necromancer due to the blue, icy nature of the ashes. Without giving away much more of the story, I want to talk about my inspirations as well as why I used Twine.

My intention for the story was that the galaxy the main character inhabits would be expandable through the use of Twine’s linking. Instead of using the links to offer the player optional choices and changes of direction for the story, I wanted the links to actually explain and expand the story itself. This was largely inspired by Mass Effect. Although the game is acclaimed for the options it gives players to control their character’s destiny through choices, I really admire the game’s ability to extrapolate on it’s universe as a whole. Everything from the game’s races to its locations are given greater detail because the player can often directly interact with these items. The menu then prompts the player to read about it in their codex. The universe that Bioware created is so large in scope that it makes sense for them to have employed the use of a codex.

I decided to include the frost necromancers because I often choose magic-based characters in RPGs. In World of Warcraft, for instance, my character was an undead warlock. In most science fiction, warlocks and necromancers are painted as evildoers, so I thought it made sense to make frost necromancers the ultimate evil force working for the Galactic Coalition.

Caster Gun

Growing up, I watched a lot of anime and I still appreciate several anime series to this day. One of my favorites that I admit I enjoy out of nostalgia and not out of its credibility is Outlaw Star. I’ve always wanted this show to be re-imagined by another, more capable studio because the basic storyline is really interesting. It just ends up suffering for its lack of character development and nonsensical approach to story-telling. In the universe of Outlaw Star, there is a group know as the outlaws. The term outlaw is used to describe those who don’t really work for anyone other than themselves. They often do odd jobs, selling random equipment or services in their local. The outlaw which the story focuses on, however, is one has a slight upper hand as he wields what is called a caster gun. These guns require special shells which are infused with tao magic. This comes in handy when the main character faces tao masters who use their magic for darkness and generally invulnerable to normal attacks. In Max’s Avenger, I delegated the use of caster guns to high-ranking officials within the frost necromancers, and somewhat of a birthright to Max, who also wields the magical gun.



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