Alice and I

Inanimate Alice- Episode 4 takes you through the life and times of a young girl named Alice. Her stories are alright but what is  interesting is the way she presents them. Immediately the user is blasted in the face with some techno music so you get a sense that your traveling around with a girl who is growing into maybe some kind of rebellion phase. The story is also told in a some what scattered and chaotic way mimicking a child’s story telling. She is always eager to show you around her house or around the city. This story is littered with great photos and interesting graphic design techniques to help make her tours interesting. I feel like this sort of story would actually be useful in teaching children about Geography.

I like how it gives the user some sense of interaction even though most of the time it will not change the out come of anything. It still is enough to keep some one engaged, especially with the music. The music always sets the tone of the story, and makes you feel stressed out for this girl who is always having to constantly move from country to country.


I would be interested to know how long it took the developers to make this entire story. It takes approximately 30 mins just to play it, but I imagine it took around 30 days to make it…if not more. With all the user options, music, and pictures that had to be collected from these places and sorted out in a rational way. The editing was probably the most intensive part of the project, the way this was all put together was very impressive. I think this is a great tool for children to learn and use multimedia, I expect that Alice’s story will unfold for quite some time. I recommend this type of story to anyone who has a lot of time on their hands and doesn’t have the energy to read a book. The stories are simple but the graphic design and sound effects will keep you playing til the end.


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