FFFUUUUUUUU!!!! (Rage Comics)

Let’s face it. We’ve all done things like ride shopping carts  around Walmart when no one was looking, bought a new video game and completely disregarded the tutorial…and end up later saying “How the hell do I play this?”, or even something as embarrassing as getting our arms stuck in the container as we try to reach for the last Pringle in the tube. All of these average occurrences have been piled up into one of the most known memes on the internet: Rage Comics.

The Rage Comic series started out around 2008 on the 4chan  /b/ (“Random”) imageboard. The very first character that was introduced in the series was a stick figure named Rage Guy. Rage Guy is used to portray different scenarios that can bring rage and fury. The first comic ever made, for example, displays the “Toilet Backsplash” experience (found here). In a normal Rage Guy comic, the first three panels describe the occurrence while the fourth panel, shows a drawing of Rage Guy screaming “FFFFUUUUUU-!!”.

After the arrival and success of Rage Guy, other versions of these rage faces appeared and relayed a multitude of different emotions and reactions, such as fear, content, sadness, confidence, indifference, and surprise. The purpose of these Rage Comics is to express common occurrences that we individuals notice every day, but rarely address out-loud (sometimes because of the fear of embarrassment)

A bunch of these Rage Comics can be found here for further reference

Basically, Rage Comics are a big complication of “we’ve all thought/done that” scenarios. I believe they are an example of elit because they narrate the relatable stories of our lives, and they are read on electronic media.



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