Studying the Prince

This post marks the final draft of my creative project, entitled Studying the Prince, which can be found and played here! It was created in Twine and is fairly simple, but I’d like to offer a brief introduction regardless regarding my intent:

Hypertext is a medium very much concerned with the availability of choice. For this project, I wanted to show, through initially providing the player with multiple choices and then slowly stripping them away, how the player might be made more aware of what it’s like to not have any options at all.

In summary, Studying the Prince is a short, exploratory hypertext “adventure” in which, as a result of the prince being late to a private meeting he’s scheduled with you in his study, you are left unsupervised to explore his apartments as you choose (or choose not to). You start off knowing nothing about the prince besides his social station, but your movements through his private quarters reveal progressively more–not only about what kind of person he is, but also about his greatest fear.

There are two endings to Studying the Prince: one true ending and one that’s sort of a throw away. Specifically, if you swallow your curiosity regarding everything else and wait patiently for the prince in your chair, your resulting interaction with him will be decidedly dull, as you’ll have learned next to nothing about him. Go into his room, however, and things will be much different when he finds you.

For Dr. Whalen’s reference, I’ve included a zoomed out image of my Twine map below:

Twine Map


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