My story is called “Masks”.  I used Twine to create this story.  It’s really two stories that converge together.  One story is in poetry form and it is the present time. The reader meets a two girls that are friends.  One of them is very jealous of the other one until she begins to understand that she is really the lucky one because her friend has cancer and is dying.  The other story is about their friendship itself.  That is where the real jealousy and other qualities can be seen.

I used Twine because I thought that I would do really well with it.  I think I learned more than I thought I would too.  I figured out that you can really add to a story’s meaning if you use the highlighted words to say something about the next passage that you are sending the reader to.  I tried to make sure that there was a word that had some sort of resonance with the next passage.  I didn’t learn anything about the code (some people were not blessed with insight into computers) but I would love to learn how to mess around with code and be able to create a more complex story with it.  However, I liked being able to bring what I like about literature into life here.

oh. p.s. I loved the colors in Twine and actually built my story around it.

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