I used Inform7 to create Kellandria, the story of  a castle that has suffered a catastrophe. The only way to win the game is to explore the entire castle and discover the secrets of its past. The end may take a little while to reach, but it’s pretty impossible to miss once you find it. Here’s a hint, in this game the points do matter.

One of the features of creating a playable game is the inclusion of cover art. In the playfic version, though, I couldn’t include it, but here it is anyway:

In case you couldn’t tell, I made it myself by manipulating a picture I had of a castle.

I hope you enjoy it if you do play it! Let me know if there are any problems or questions, and I’ll fix them or answer them depending.

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  1. Ariel
    March 2, 2012 at 10:36 am

    I was just skimming the blog and immediately stopped at your post because of the fact that you included some really interesting cover art, something I hadn’t even thought of for my project, so kudos for that.

    Your project itself is quite a bit of fun and ran really smoothly for me, with some really interesting options and twists. I got stuck briefly at a few points, before quickly solving my confusion due to the pretty clear layout and hints you included. Also, I won’t spoil it for anyone else, but, as you said, the ending takes a bit of time to reach, but, if one pays attention, is eventually reachable. Again, it was quite a bit of fun and I’m really impressed with your grasp of Inform7, which proved far too confusing for me, personally. Well done!

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