Faction 11

I atually started working on this as a traditional “story” – typed in Word and kept to myself. But I decided to use the story I had in mind for my creative project to try and explore the world I was creating as much as possible.

 My game is called Faction 11 and takes place in the year 2030. There is one totalitarian government called the Panopticon that rules over the entire planet, and controls every decision that citizen can make. Citizen must have government permission to get married, have children, move or get a promotion. The main characters are Anne and her husband Marvin and they are both rebels working against the Panopticon’s oppression in a secret group called Faction 11. Factions 1-10 are all controlled by the Panopticon, which watches the entire city from a large observatory above the city. I had the idea for this story in a very detailed and exciting dream and couldn’t wait to try and work out the details.


I had a lot of trouble coding this game, simply because there are a lot of rooms and several opportunities to die. But I loved every bit of it.


I plan to expand the public universe of “Faction 11” and am already working on a website for the Panopticon where players can even download forms and watch videos and view a picture gallery of the world of the Hexagons. I would also like to hide a few links within the website to a hypertext continuation of the story that will detail missions and battles. It will still be very much up to the player whether or not the world is saved from oppression.

 Copy/paste this:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/62418863/faction11game.zblorb

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