Elementary Throwback


Do you remember those adventure books back in elementary school? Every weekend, without fail, I would go to my local public library and take at least two adventure books. My brother and I would read them over and over, choosing different adventures, getting lost in a world of choices. For my creative project, I choose have a childhood throwback and create my own hypertext adventure in the world of Twine. Though it was frustrating learning the code and fixing links that were not broken but appeared to be when published, I finally created my project. Check it out here.


I have never in my life written a word of code, so this was similar to a foreign language for me. After numerous tries, I finally got the background color to change, then placed a background image, and changed the font colors and link colors. There is also an added “choice” code, disabling the second choice to be accesses after a choice is made. This causes a glitch if the reader decides to “rewind” the story. I thought it was important though to disable this option because I wanted to the story to be realistic, and in life you can’t go back and call a do-over. I can now truly say without a doubt that I hate coding, but writing the story was really fun. There were so many paths Tallie could take; it all lied in her decisions. No matter the choices, each story ends in the line, “She had no choice” which is also the title of my project. Some endings are direct, the reader walking away knowing exactly where Tallie stands in the forever present career versus friendship struggle. Others are up for interpretation, allowing the reader even more freedom to form the story.

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  1. hholden
    March 2, 2012 at 1:30 pm

    Reading your blog post really made me love your creative project! I never thought about the connection between adventure books and interactive fiction, but I also remember getting caught up in adventure books back in elementary school.

    I also enjoyed your background. Many other twine projects have backgrounds as well, however I like yours the best because of the design.

    Finally, I enjoyed your work because the reader/player was able to choose an option almost every single time, which opened up many paths that could be taken.

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