Creative Project: The Key To Dreams

My original idea was to give an old well known poem new life by creating an interactive poem like the one we viewed in class. Though I had originally wanted to do a project centered around the Young-Hea Chang interactive poem Dak0ta, I eventually settled on creating an interactive text/ choose your own adventure story, when I became aware that my original idea was not really possible given the time and the resources. None the less, I am very pleased with my finished product, The Key To Dreams.

Design: I designed the story in a way that each time the viewer clicks through the story they gain a bit more information than the last time. The viewer is encouraged to make different choices throughout the course of the story that will in the end effect the meaning of the story’s ending. The results of the progression of the story are entirely up to the whim of the viewer’s selections, however, the progression works best when the reader selects the first option the first time through and the second the second time through and so on. Any way the viewer chooses to click through the story they will still get a story but not as much information is revealed. Each time the story line progresses a little more.

Faults: Though I am very pleased of the finished product, I must admit that there were a few things that I probably would have done differently had I been able to figure out how to do so. The main change that I would have made was to completely eliminate the choice to select the rewind button on the side panel. I tried several times to do this using the help of w3schools, a few of my computer science friends, and even my suite mate. To no avail I did not figure out how to do this in time so the option remains available. I wanted to eliminate this option so that the viewer would be forced to click through the entire story again rather than simply rewind to select a different path.

Appearance: I thought long and hard about whether or not I should try to change the appearance of my story. In the end I decided against it because, in my case, the basic dark design color scheme really matched the dark nature of my story.  I decided to keep it as is but did experiment with different color palettes.

Reflection: I feel that through the creation of this project I have gained a better understand of the Twine program and gained a better appreciation for choose your own adventure stories in general. I am very proud of my project and I feel that it shows just how much hard work and time I put into creating it.

Now You Try: Here is my Creative Project. Please feel free to click through the story and make sure to post a comment back to this post and tell me what you think. Remember the story changes slightly each time you play it, so be sure to play it multiple times and make different choices with each session.

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