Creating a creative project.

Before we began looking at the different programs used to make electronic literature, it never once occurred to me how much time and effort needs to be dedicated to making even the simplest form of electronic literature. As I began creating my own project using Inform 7, I quickly realized how difficult the task of creating a text adventure could be.  Every single action, thought, etc needs to be stated, even if it seems unimportant or obvious to you. One wrong or missing piece of text could prevent your text adventure from working correctly.  The text adventure I created was very simple, yet I still spent hours planning and testing the work before it was ready to be released.  I couldn’t even imagine all the effort that is put into other,more elaborate works of electronic literature.

The text adventure I created is called “Island Adventure.”  My game begins on a shipwrecked island,and the purpose of the game is to find the way off the island. Originally I wanted to do something entirely different with the text adventure, but having little prior experience with Inform 7 prevented me from doing so.  After multiple attempts, I was never able to figure out how to tell Inform 7 to do certain things I wanted it to do, so I had to change many things around.

Kudos to everyone who dedicated time and effort into making these works of electronic literature.  I can now say I know from experience just how hard it is to create one.

Anyways, you can try out my game on Playfic.  The URL is:

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