The Shadow of Freedom

    For my creative project, I chose to use Twine. As an English major, I can write stories better than I can make a video game. I really love the “choose your own adventure” design that Twine offers. Twine is a bit confusing with all the boxes and arrows, but it does make sure there are no broken links. The down side to Twine is that there is no spell check so I may or may not have successfully corrected all the typos. For the most part, however, Twine fit well with what I wanted for my story.

    The story itself is call The Shadow of Freedom. This woman married a man whose religious beliefs gave him the “right” to basically treat her has a slave. The woman was miserable but if she even hinted at being unhappy to her husband or anyone else, she would be beaten. Her husband has died and they are in the middle of funeral events. The brother is entitled to the deceased man’s wife and has plans to marry her and have her serve him as well. The woman has several options but it’s the reader’s responsibility to chose her destiny. The woman can stay and continue to suffer, she can escape and get caught, she can kill the brother and escape, she can kill herself, or she can escape without killing anyone. The point being, no matter what she chooses, she finds some degree of her freedom. Whether she is on the horizon when the sunsets, sending her shadow across the floor of the house, or her “ghostly” shadow, the last thing the house sees of the woman who pretended to love the deceased, was her shadow. The shadow represents the abscence of the physical body, suggesting that she found her freedom.


Here is the link. I hope you all enjoy.

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