The “Colossal Campus Adventure”!

As many of you already know, I developed my own platform for the “Creative Project” assignment.  I realize it may seem like I’m trying to show off here, but it was quite honestly faster to use a programming language I already knew than to learn an entirely new platform.  In doing so, my hope was to have more time to build an awesome Interactive Fiction (which you can download here).

For the most part, my hopes were realized.  The game is quite big and has many, many interactions (“break[ing] a window” while in your room and “kick[ing] Alyssa” / “ask[ing] Megan out” in their room are among my favorites).  Unfortunately, the game too quickly spiraled out of hand and became more colossal than I had anticipated.  In order to complete a working demo, I was forced to cut back on a sizable number of rooms, interactions, and mechanics that were finished but were not…  well…  “demo-able.”

Either way, I hope you enjoy the demo provided above however short it may seem.  I should note however that while there are many hidden interactions and things to do, the purpose of my Interactive Fiction is not entirely mechanical.  Colossal Campus Adventure is more than a game, it’s the story of me:  a sixth year senior who traded two extra years at his university to become a game developer.

The tone may at times be somewhat pessimistic and remorseful, but don’t let that fool you.  CCA is not meant to discourage you from achieving success.  Rather, I hope it shows you that UMW is more than an “academic institution” — it’s a place of personal growth, inter-personal development, and a storehouse for memories.  So be sure to use the time you have remaining wisely.  ((Besides, it gets really damn expensive to keep coming back…))

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