The Scratch Review

While browsing the Scratch games website yesterday, I noticed a lot of really interesting games that other people had made. Since most of them are quite short, I thought I would combine a few here.

The first game I played is called “La Pastorale“. La Pastorale caught my eye because of its elegant opening image:


I wouldn’t have thought such a lovely scene possible based on my very derpy first attempt at Scratch. The game itself is a unique little music maker designed to “teach people basic music theory as they experiment with note placement and chords in the major and minor scale.” The gameplay looks like this:

This is the main screen of the game, but I had a lot of fun playing around with different tunes, instruments and speeds. The particular tune shown in the image is my favorite. The inclusion of the ocarina as an instrument reminded me of the Legend of Zelda and it created some very interesting sounds. The game is simple but still pretty sophisticated compared to some of the other games on the site (the magnet game comes to mind).

The last part of the game is a little quiz because you can’t “leave your village without recommending a replacement!” It looks very neat, but I do not know any musical history. My answer to its question “Can you name three Baroque composers?” was “No.”


The second game I tried out was “Ni Hao: A Scratch Course in Chinese (Intro)”. This game uses the basic Scratch cats in its introduction:

However, what follows is a very legitimate first introduction to Chinese, specifically Mandarin. It teaches the player about the characters, pinyin, and tones. Here is a sample of a demonstration of Chinese sounds:

Unfortunately, the course hasn’t been continued yet, but maybe sometime in the future?

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