Text Adventure- Progression of Literature

In the last few weeks, I have been exploring various examples of interactive fiction in order to decide which genre I would like to base my project on.  The form of Interactive Fiction that I seem to be exploring the most are the “text adventure” games on Playfic.  I find these games to be remarkably interesting because of their ability to combine storytelling and game playing in one, without having to add in extra graphics, etc.  In addition, I find these games intriguing because in a way, it allows one to create their own story.

Prior to this class I had never even heard of these text adventure games, let alone actually sat down and played one.  The first game I played, Colossal Cave Adventure, was incredibly difficult to grasp because this was the first game I have ever seen that was based only on text. It took a few attempts to understand and imagine myself in the adventure, but once I figured out the basic concept, the game and story began to unfold right in front of me.  Although the instructions and commands are very simple, these games can still be very difficult to master.

Since I began playing other text adventure games I have realized that these games are indeed a form of literature.  Each game created a story.  Each game is unique in its setting, characters and plot, all of which are elements of literature.  These games are revolutionary for literature.  Unlike traditional stories, each time you play a text adventure game you have the option of changing what happens.

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