Fruit Ninja

When learning the process of Game Maker, all I could think of was the popular game/app, Fruit Ninja. Granted the two really have nothing in common besides fruit, but I still find it interesting that such an overall simple idea helped to create one the best selling apps of all time. When a game such as this comes out, it often becomes impossible to avoid.

The game in itself is very simple, which may be in part why it is so popular. The object is to “swipe” the fruit that is falling down across the screen, all while avoiding bombs. The more fruit you hit in one “swipe”, the higher your score. There are also bonus items to hit, such as the frozen fruit that pauses the clock, or the fruit that multiplies into many other fruits, also allowing for more points.


The game tells no real story, unlike many of the other games that we have discussed in class. It’s a short thrill, beating one’s top score, but it is easy to lose track of time playing. Part of the popularity is due to the fact that it feels like an arcade game, and while it requires strategy, it does not require a great deal of brain power. Much like the game we were creating in Game Maker, there are different rules and cheats to get around certain limitations. All of these twist and turns would have required the creators to have put in the coding to make them possible. Fruit Ninja seems to be the next Angry Birds, so I’m sure if its not there yet, you’ll be unable to avoid their products the next time you go to Walmart or Target.


So simple even a cat can do it…




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  1. annarichman
    February 27, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    It was very creative to connect the game Fruit Ninja to what we did in class with Game Maker. I did not make this connection at all. Reading about this connection made me realize that other popular games must have sprouted from such small basic ideas as well. The more I learn about different techniques in which people can create works of electronic literature, the more I realize that taking English376 has a lot more to do with my current life than I originally thought it did.

  2. Chelsea
    March 2, 2012 at 11:41 am

    I am a big fan of cat videos. And Fruit Ninja.

    Like Anna, I never really thought of that game in the context of this course. The game doesn’t involve a lot of thought or skill and there isn’t a clear narrative in the game so my first interpretation was that it is not an example of ELit. Now, after completing the creative project, I have more appreciation and a different perspective on games that are more graphic/image based. There is still a story behind Fruit Ninja even though there is no text involved.

  3. hholden
    March 2, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    I really like the connection you made between the two games. Although many of these types of games require little talent or skill, it is incredible to think of how much time and thought is still put into the creation of these games. Fruit Ninja is an “app” I have on my phone, and it is very fun to play. This post gets me thinking about how much we really incorporate electronic literature into our everyday lives without realizing it. Each game we play on our smart phones was created around a story- and that enters it into the world of electronic literature.

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