Faith is a term whose meaning and value rely within the interpretation of the one(s) using the word. According to some, it is merely seen as a system of belief, perhaps even at times a system which is misleading and often hedged by the dogma of religion, the symptoms of which are “faithful” followers. However, others would use the term as the defining point of stability upon which their lives rest. That is, faith allows them to carry out their human functions which, in these cases, often means serving a higher being. Faith, as it is today, concordantly indicates both weakness and strength.

I read the interactive poem entitled “Faith,” expecting it to present a cynical view on the word and its connotations, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t so generic. The poem initially presents the word faith alone, elegantly strewn. As it stands, the word “logic” trickles over its edges, indicating two clear norms which the author Robert Kendall wanted to suggest. Faith is always at war with logic but the way the words are presented in the beginning of this poem could indicate the virility which faith has over logic as a tool (of control) used by people. The other norm in question is concerned with the fact that faith is something which people use to lie to themselves, or to deny their realities, ultimately choosing to be delusional in respect to things they cannot change.

 The poem goes on to question the implementation of faith and perhaps the reason for its introduction into the average person’s psyche. It petitions the reader to ask themselves what is left when logic runs out. This happens to everyone. When we cannot reconcile what we consider to be logical either with the events of our own lives or those of the world at large, we must ask ourselves what illogical force is at work. Some would label this force as faith.

What is left is the leap to be taken, that which is required by the mind to discern between right and wrong, good and evil. It is the determining factor which will bring a person to make a decision, or an assertion, either when logic coincides with the leap of faith or when it is in direct contradiction. The end of the poem sees all the other words falling to the bottom of the screen, and Faith, in all its glory, rests atop the heap of logic which was actually used to describe that very faith itself.

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