Exploring Text Adventures

After yesterdays’ class I have been exploring the Playfic website.  I’ve been thinking of creating a piece of interactive fiction for my creative project.  I’ve been looking through the most popular as well as recently published fics.  To this point all of the interactive fiction pieces I’ve seen have fallen under the fantasy genre.  However, on this site there seem to all sorts of genre.  One I played, Too Early For Class, is very short and can be lost in very few steps.  What is different about this one is that the player does not seem able to go anywhere.  The goal of this game seems to be turning off the alarm clock.  It was odd to play a text adventure game that did not involve typing in directions to travel anywhere.  There was a single room with minimal furniture and details.  This was reassuring to see that a text adventure game, especially someone’s first, does not have to be super elaborate with a huge span of rooms.  Another game, Mythical Forest, seems to be a wannabe version of Colossal Cave Adventure.  The player is in the woods and trying to find their way into the caves.  There are unexpected twists, however, when one takes a wrong turn and is killed by zombies or vampires.  The great thing about this site is that every game gives you the option of seeing the source code for it.  So after trying the game a few times I was able to look at the code and get an idea of what I was supposed to do versus what I had done.  While the tutorial was useful it was the codes of the games I played that gave me a better idea of how I could format my own.  It was helpful to see how much detail was needed to set the scene and had details to the world created.  The games that were more engaging were the ones that offered the player a better idea of what their surroundings looked like.

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