Body of Work

Author Shelly Jackson tells her personal stories through a hyper text format, but uses something much more primitive to to reveal her stories, her body.  The HTML hypertext format gives a fresh look on the memoir genre and is a very effective medium for her anecdotes by allowing the user to view the picture as a whole as well as select on body parts to examine. It is a very thorough anatomy of her body as well as her life, she tells some of her most pivotal childhood moments and the pictures leave nothing to the imagination as well.

I thought that this was very strange but interesting piece of work. Her tone through out her reflections comes across as very sincere and even talks about her imperfections with out a hint of shame which I thought was very cool.

My stomach is white and completely flat, and consequently unfit for bellydancing, which nonetheless I work at, off and on. Bellydancing has taught me to roll and flutter it, though awkwardly and unreliably. When I was little, I could suck my stomach in and make a cave or stick it out in a resilient dome that sounded like a drum when I tapped it.”

You really get a sense of somebody is by their body. Where they have been, what they have been up to, even maybe what they’ve been eating. All of her scars, tattoos, and imperfections prompt the her to delve deep in her child hood and pull out memories both big and small that really give you a sense of what her life was like and put you in her shoes.

I’m glad I chose this selection for my writing assignment because I was thinking about also doing a hyper text story. Mine will definitely be not as revealing as this one, but I’m glad I got to see you some different formats and styling I could use. I am think about using HTML5 so I will have to play around with all the different options because I am only familiar with html.


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  1. annarichman
    February 28, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    This is extremely interesting to me because when I began reading your post, I thought it was going to be discussing a person who is trying to describe that a person’s body is not all that crucial when it comes to what a person is truly about. This took a completely different turn than what I had imagined. In my experience, most games or pieces of writing that are centered on a woman’s body explain that body image and what they appear to be has nothing to do with who a person is. It was intriguing to see a different point of view, in that a woman’s body includes signs of everything she’s been through, by way of showing scars and imperfections.

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