RE: thetrainjumper’s TV Shows expand on literary world by turning to new media.

I also agree that media in television is definitely expanding into new media, or sometimes even “old” media in the case of television shows turned into comics. I want to further thetrainjumper’s hypothesis that “the entertainment industry will turn towards interactivity with new media and the shows/movies/games it creates…” As far as I know, there’s nothing along the lines of a professor rating site for viewers to rate Ted Mosby (though that is certainly a fun idea). More interactive and immersive media of other types exists, though. A good example is the Sokoblovsky giraffe farm website. It’s a website for an imaginary Russian farm that breeds “petite lap giraffes” the likes of those seen in the DirectTv commercials. A viewer can sign up to join the list of thousands awaiting their own mini giraffe and can even view Vladimir the bull giraffe’s activity on a web cam. This hoax was so good, many people actually thought this was real. A quick Google search of “petite lap giraffes” brings up dozens of online newspaper articles explaining that the mini giraffes sadly do not exist.


Another way people are getting more connected to fictional universes is through immersion. A good example of this is the Cerberus Daily News from Bioware’s video game Mass Effect 2. For a time, the Cerberus Daily news was a news feed found in the game that updated daily with a brand new story. Sometimes it was something trivial, like a pop star scandal, and other times it covered an aline race’s civil war on another planet. No matter what the story, it was very much like reading a news article straight from the Mass Effect universe. Fans  could go crazy with new information and canon they would have never experienced otherwise and delve further into the fictional universe. Currently, fans of the updates have posted them online to make them more accessible to other fans.

Both of these examples show ways that new media generated from television or videogames strive to immerse viewers in their world. Perhaps in the future we will see more opportunities to interact and immerse ourselves in the fiction we enjoy.

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