Hunt the Wumpus

After our discussions in class I checked out some of the games we’ve mentioned.  And I have become addicted to Hunt the Wumpus. It was originally created as a text based game but I found a recent video game remake that I love.  The website compares it to a game of hide and seek.  However, a lot more strategy is required to play this game.  The point of the game is to successfully find and kill the wumpus.  The player doesn’t know where the wumpus is and must blindly find their way through the tunnels.  There are bloody rooms that serve as clues that the wumpus is nearby.  And to add an extra challenge there are bottomless pits hidden in the game as well.  These give you less warning as a green room means that you are within one room of the pit.  It seems similar to playing battleship and only looking for one ship at a time.  There is no text involved in this version of the game while you play.  However, there is a backstory included on the game page that explains why you are hunting the wumpus.  The graphics of this game really make it engaging to play.  The wumpus is depicted as this awesome hot pink furry creature that looks sort of like a muppet.

I found another version of Hunt the Wumpus that is more like the original text adventure.  This game relies on text to give the player hints of where they are in relation to the wumpus.  There is a graphic representation of the moves you make.  But it is very simplistic and it is series of circles in a grid.  While this version might be closer to the original game, it lacks a lot of the engagement that the other version has.  It is harder to determine where you are and the clues are not always as helpful.  There is no icon that marks your place in the maze and you have to follow the coordinates to know which circle you’re in.  I didn’t play this version for long after finding my first game.  I was bored by the graphics and I had a difficult time figuring out where I was in relation to the wumpus and pits.

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